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Failing Retaining Walls

The main cause retaining walls fail is due to poor drainage. Without proper drainage and a sufficient base, hydrostatic pressure builds up behind the wall. Saturated soil is substantially heavier than dry soil, and the retaining wall may not be designed to handle such a load. Given vancouver's wet climate it is imperative walls are installed correctly. 


A typical base for a block wall requires a minimum of 8”-12” of compacted crushed gravel. Additionally, behind the wall also needs to be backfilled with proper 3-4” crush drain rock. Having this permeable base and backfill allows water to flow through the wall to drain pipes below which exit either ends of the retaining wall. This ensures that absolutely no water will sit behind the wall.


Along with our extensive experience in retaining wall builds, we will guide you through the installation process so you as the homeowner gain an understanding of what is at stake for your new wall to ensure quality and longevity of the product.


Explore Our Failed Retaining Wall Repairs

Retaining wall construction and design is most effective when done by professionals who perform all the steps correctly through the initial build process to avoid major maintenance and repair issues in the future. Get your retaining walls installed by the experts at Mountainscape.

Failing Retaining Wall
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